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Living in a Sprinter Van

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MEEt the van dwellers

We're Richmond + Juliana

The two of us are former SF residents who traded it all in to live in 50 square feet of space. Through our blog and our Instagram, we want to share our experience with the world. So that we can get real with you. To show you that building out a van, even more so living in a van, is a big commitment. But a great one, and the best one for us.


our rough plan

British Columbia to Baja

Though it started as Alaska to Baja, plans change. We've reduced the amount of places we're visiting over our yearlong trip so that we can take more time in each one and truly get to know it. We set sail in March of 2016, and we plan to finish (or continue, depending on what happens) in Baja in March 2017.



Hiking, surfing, paddling, climbing

We're both avid outdoor enthusiasts. Every morning we wake up and plan our day around activities in nature. Whether it's grabbing our boards and hitting the beach, paddling on the lake, hiking in the woods, or climbing at the crag, we want to be out there. 



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The Build Book

We recently put out a book outlining our van build process to share with the community.
It's donation based, meaning you can give as much or as little as you want!


An outline of our build process. 
A rough guide to how we did it.
A basic step-by-step guide to all van building essentials. 

What it isn't

An Ikea DIY instruction manual.
An incredibly detailed blueprint to our build.
An expert's advice (when we started, we were fresh just like you!)