Our story

It all started with....a swipe. Bet you don't hear that very often?
Neither do we, it's not really that common yet to build a successful relationship this way (even when we live in San Francisco, birthplace and land of swipe-dating). But, it's slowly becoming a more legitimate way of meeting like-minded and interesting people.

After some messaging on Tinder and some reconnecting on OkCupid (yes, it spanned two different dating apps), we finally met up for drinks in Hayes Valley and things blossomed quickly from there.

And here we are, almost exactly a year after we laid eyes on each other, building out a home together in an 140" Sprinter van. Since we bought it back in November, we’ve spent many hours and many weekends working to make that a reality.

And we want to share our experience with the world! So that we can get real with you. To show you that building out a van, even more so living in a van, is a big commitment. But a great one, and the best one for us.

Thanks for coming to check out our blog and follow our story! We're so excited to continue learning as we go along and sharing our stories with you :)

R+J (+ Roscoe, #littlebudyman)