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2002 Freightliner Sprinter / 215k Miles
New Transmission + Suspension



  • Brand new transmission installed
    • Fully rebuilt transmission replaced original transmission (215k miles)
    • $3,500 repair
  • Brand new suspension
    • Installed new rear leafs (215k miles)
    • Installed new rear shocks (215k miles)
    • Installed new front shocks (215k miles)
    • $2,500 repair
  • Newly installed exhaust system
    • Installed original full exhaust system for CA smog regulations
    • Installed at ~210k miles
    • $1,500 repair
  • All weather tires
    • Installed at ~190k miles
  • Fixed all small known small mechanical issues
    • Wheel speed sensor replaced (~195k miles) $1,000
    • Wheel speed sensor wiring replaced (~195k miles) 
    • EGR valve replaced (~190k miles) $700
  • Body rust
    • Cosmetic body rust that needs to be eventually fixed


  • Bed lift ($1,500)
    • Transform your bedroom to your living room with the press of a button
    • Huge amount of usable living space for overall small space
  • Power
    • Giant 320Ahr lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack
      • Lightweight, long cycle life, safe
      • Can use up to 80% of capacity with no issues
    • 200W solar
      • Stay fully charged as long as the sun shines
    • 1kW pure sine wave inverter
      • Plug in normal 120V appliances
      • Charge laptops, cameras, other electronics
    • Automatic Charging Relay
      • If the sun isn't shining for a while, charge up using the alternator
      • You can choose when you want this on with a simple switch
  • Water
    • 2x 6 gallon jugs for fresh water
    • 1x 6 gallon jug for grey water
    • Electric pump
    • Normal, deep kitchen sink
  • Kitchen
    • 12V super efficient 65L Engel fridge
    • Storage for portable stove
    • Plenty of storage
    • Live edge olive slab counters
  • Storage
    • Large storage under bench seats
    • Clothing storage above cab
    • Cabinet storage throughout
  • Ventilation
    • Fantastic vent (manual, 3-speed)
    • Kitchen window


  • Aluminess roof rack ($1,400)
  • Aluminess side ladder ($400)
  • Roof storage box (under solar panels)
    • We use it to store two crash pads + inflatable paddle board
  • Roof surfboard storage
    • Locking storage rack for boards
    • No messing with straps, stacked boards
  • Rhino Rack manual awning ($400)
  • Custom redwood back stoop
  • Trailer tow package



Living Area


Clothing storage

Joshua Alexander

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