Build: Adding a new window

What's so great about working on a project like this is that we get to put our heads together and come up with creative solutions, or challenge ourselves to do things we may not have thought we could do on our own.

One of those challenges (or so we thought, it really wasn't that bad at all) was installing another window where there wasn't one. Just a standard outline on the side of the van. Richmond had had a vision for the van and had gotten going quickly before I really jumped on board. I had my reservations and needed some time to really absorb that all of this was happening...

But once I woke up and realized there was no time to sit on ideas, I tossed in the possibility of another window. I'd seen another couple's van buildout (@sprintervandiaries) who had a window behind their kitchen and fell in love with the idea of gazing out at the mountains or ocean at sunset while cooking or washing up. It suddenly become a no-brainer. We needed to get another window. 

So, at some point (didn't really take convincing) Richmond got on board and ordered a standard 140" Sprinter window to install. The catch was that neither of us had done anything like this before (I've hardly touched powertools) but we'd checked out some blog posts about it and honestly, it didn't seem that bad at all.

We get that it’s a big commitment cutting a giant hole into your future home.

It definitely took some bravery, and a sawzall, but all in all it was a good experience. We also had a third set of hands to help us really get it in there (thanks Gabe!) 

But hey! There it is. The hole where our window was going to go.
It was really that simple. We cut it a tiny bit snug but, since we ordered a standard window that would fit out van size at 140",  we didn't really have to worry too much. As you can see above, the Sprinter comes made with these cut-out lines to optimize for situations like these. You can have as many or as few windows as you want. Just another reason Sprinters are a great choice for fans of customization.

- Jules