Gear Review: Cotopaxi Luzon Del Dia 18L

We're partnering with Cotopaxi to bring you, not only discounts and #GearForGood, but reviews on those goods too! Not only do we love Cotopaxi's gear, but we love their mission. Like us, Cotopaxi believes that getting out and seeing the world is one of the keys to seeing it differently, seeing that change is possible and attainable through choices that we make everyday.

Each year, they provide 10% of their profits as grants to people and organizations that have already shown, in their own words, "outstanding impact, agility, and persistence." Meaning that Cotopaxi believes in the power of individuals to change the world on a smaller level. And we're so on board with that philosophy!

Review Kickoff

We'll kick the reviews off with the Cotopaxi Luzon Del Dia 18L. It's a daypack, designed for everyday, pack-and-go use. We use it for everything from walking to the crag, to showering, to day hiking, to cafe work. It's a great all-around pack that packs down really small and is insanely vibrant in color.

Style: A+

We first got our hands on this colorful pack back in the beginning of October and we practically gasped the first time we saw it. The vibrant patches of compatible colors upon opening the package was pretty breathtaking! We've never really seen a pack like it. So immediately, we were excited about the way it looked. Regardless of the functionality.

We were even more excited that no two packs are the same! Or so we read on their website: "The Luzon Del Día is designed with total creative control by employees in the Philippines, meaning no two bags are alike. Each bag will arrive at your door a total surprise. What you can expect is the highly packable design, repurposed ripstop nylon, mesh backpack straps, and internal hydration sleeve that make up the perfect adventure pack."

They were definitely spot on here. It was a total surprise! Felt like Christmas getting this thing in the mail. 

Design: B+

As for pack design, we were pleased but a bit disheartened since, because we are in the Pacific Northwest at the moment, this pack doesn't have the best closure. The bag cinches at the top, using a drawstring, which closes it but doesn't provide a real seal. It especially doesn't prove too solid if it's raining. This pack is best if it's sunny out and you're not really that worried about the weather. Otherwise, make sure that anything that could be damaged by rain is properly protected inside. 

The pack also doesn't have much in the way of small pockets. While there's a nice pocket on the front that's got ample space, there aren't any smaller pockets for easy access. It also lacks gear loops, for clipping on water bottles or climbing shoes. We were just wishing we had this at the crag. But perhaps a more climbing oriented pack would be better in this situation.

One really nice thing is the built in Camelbak pocket on the inside. We weren't expecting this in such a small pack, so we were pleasantly surprised to find one in there.

We also love minimal designs in general, and this pack is definitely minimal in it's construction/design.

Van compatibility: A+

When it comes to size, this thing is perfect for van dwellers. It packs down incredibly small, compared with some other packs that we had in the past that were rather rigid and therefore, couldn't be condensed into our small, back bins. We're super excited that we can practically ball this thing up! This gives us more room to store other things that we need more. Also, because day packs end up sitting around a lot in your van, it won't move much. Being able to maneuver around them is key. So we couldn't be more happy with how it fits into our tiny home!

Things we'd love to see

While overall we love the design of this pack, we wanted to outline the modifications we'd love to see in a redesign! 

Those things are:

1. Camelbak strap clip

2. Gear loops

3. Better closing mechansim

4. Smaller additional pockets


Thanks for reading! Hope this helps you make decisions when thinking about a daypack, if that's what you're looking for. 


Juliana LinderComment