Sprinter Van for Sale

This van was sold on September 17th, 2017. Thanks for your interest!!!!

In the next couple of months, though not immediately (because it's our home) we'll be selling our 2002 140” wheelbase Sprinter. It's gotten a lot of love! We bought it with 180k miles on it. It now has 215k on it! We traveled with it all across the American West: from Arizona to Montana, up to British Columbia, down the west coast to Baja, Mexico. It's seen all sorts of terrain and weathered them all. We've gotten in tight situations, but always gotten out. We love this van, and hope that the next owner will love it just as much!

Quick Stats

Asking for: $30k or BEST OFFER
Model: 2002 Freightliner Sprinter
Mileage: 215,000
New features: Transmission, Suspension
Other features: Electric Bedlift, Dimmable lighting, 
Electric powered pump sink,
Porthole back window design, Cab storage,
Aluminess Roof Rack + ladder, Rhinorack Sunseeker II,
and everything runs on solar!

We're looking to sell it for $30k (OR BEST OFFER).
To put that number in perspective, we put over $35,000 into this van (plus the countless hours of building and planning). It's hard for us to put a price on it, because to us it's priceless. It's our home! If you're really interested, let us know.

Yes, it's an older van with a good amount of miles on it. But Sprinters are known to go for 500k+ miles. We put 35k miles on it in a little over two years, driving all across the US, Canada and Mexico. Mechanically, you won't have to worry about any big repairs for a long time. Everything will have already been fixed! We'll also be making sure it's spotlessly clean. Check out the details below...


  • Brand new transmission installed
    • Fully rebuilt transmission replaced original transmission (215k miles)
    • $3,500 repair
  • Brand new suspension
    • Installed new rear leafs (215k miles)
    • Installed new rear shocks (215k miles)
    • Installed new front shocks (215k miles)
    • $2,500 repair
  • Newly installed exhaust system
    • Installed original full exhaust system for CA smog regulations
    • Installed at ~210k miles
    • $1,500 repair
  • All weather tires
    • Installed at ~190k miles
  • Fixed all small known small mechanical issues
    • Wheel speed sensor replaced (~195k miles) $1,000
    • Wheel speed sensor wiring replaced (~195k miles) 
    • EGR valve replaced (~190k miles) $700
  • Body rust
    • Cosmetic body rust that needs to be eventually fixed


  • Bed lift ($1,500)
    • Transform your bedroom to your living room with the press of a button
    • Huge amount of usable living space for overall small space
  • Power
    • Giant 320Ahr lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery pack
      • Lightweight, long cycle life, safe
      • Can use up to 80% of capacity with no issues
    • 200W solar
      • Stay fully charged as long as the sun shines
    • 1kW pure sine wave inverter
      • Plug in normal 120V appliances
      • Charge laptops, cameras, other electronics
    • Automatic Charging Relay
      • If the sun isn't shining for a while, charge up using the alternator
      • You can choose when you want this on with a simple switch
  • Water
    • 2x 6 gallon jugs for fresh water
    • 1x 6 gallon jug for grey water
    • Electric pump
    • Normal, deep kitchen sink
  • Kitchen
    • 12V super efficient 65L Engel fridge
    • Storage for portable stove
    • Plenty of storage
    • Live edge olive slab counters
  • Storage
    • Large storage under bench seats
    • Clothing storage above cab
    • Cabinet storage throughout
  • Ventilation
    • Fantastic vent (manual, 3-speed)
    • Kitchen window


  • Aluminess roof rack ($1,400)
  • Aluminess side ladder ($400)
  • Roof storage box (under solar panels)
    • We use it to store two crash pads + inflatable paddle board
  • Roof surfboard storage
    • Locking storage rack for boards
    • No messing with straps, stacked boards
  • Rhino Rack manual awning ($400)
  • Custom redwood back stoop
  • Trailer tow package