Interested in sharing your story?

We want to hear from you about your experiences living smaller (not necessarily in a van)!

So we've created a questionnaire to get some info about you, your living situation, and other details you'd like to share about your lifestyle and, most importantly, what you've learned from living this way.

Things we'll need:

  • Your email address
  • Your thoughtful answers to a handful of questions (the more specific the lessons learned out there, the better)
  • 5-10 contextual photos + video (optional) that help paint a picture of your tiny lifestyle*
  • That's it!!

Every Friday, we'll post on the Instagram and to the blog. Since we're posting just once a week, the backlog could get pretty hairy so make sure to submit as soon as you can!

*Make sure to submit photos! We'll need these to post. If you can't submit through GDrive, you can send separately to