We'll get to know the American West

We'll get a chance to pretty thoroughly explore some of the most beautiful places on the Western side of the North American continent.

We'll be living in the home we built: together 

It's an artist's dream, and we can't wait to be living in the home that we both created.

We'll have everything we need, always

We'll just reach over and grab it. We'll never have to drive back to the house to get it. Because we'll always be home.

We'll abandon what's comfortable

We'll put ourselves in an uncomfortable situation, learning more about what it really means to compromise, problem solve, and gain more appreciation for what we grew up with. 

We'll do what we want, whenever

We'll kick long-term planning to the curb. We won't ask ourselves "When are we going to be able to go there?" We'll just go.

We'll leave less of a footprint

All of our electricity is generated by the sun, meaning that we won't be making nearly as much of an impact on our environment.